Each component of a part has its own information area. There you will find forms that must be filled out for approval.

General information

In General you can specify information about the component. Depending on the type of the component (e.g. composite, coating), different fields are displayed here.

Supplier information

In Supplier you can add information about the supplier of the component.

Meta data

At Meta data you can view and search for data stored in the component. It is also possible to sort by title or value.


At Attachments you can upload documents. To do so, drag the respective document into the grey field. Alternatively, click Open file and select the file to upload.

If attachments have been uploaded, the number is displayed next to the Attachments tab title.

Uploaded attachments can be deleted by clicking on the red recycle bin icon. Next to this icon is a button to download the document.


To attach individual forms, click Add Form. Then a window opens in which you can search for the form. Next, click on the form you want to add. You may be asked to enter additional parameters. If you have selected the wrong form or a wrong parameter, you can remove it by clicking on the arrow next to the relevant form/parameter. To accept the selection, click the Add button.


The search requires at least three characters to be entered.

Added forms appear next to the tab Attachments.

To delete the form, click on Delete form at the bottom of the form.

A special feature of the forms are standard-related forms. These are automatically added to the information area when a standard is added and removed again when the standard is deleted.

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