Sampling groups offer you the possibility to avoid redundant sampling in order to save time and costs. This is done by grouping components with the same requirements. One component of the group is defined as a reference component while all other components of the group are considered as related components. These do not need to be tested, but simply refer to the sampling of the reference component.

Create new group

Groups can be created from any component (exception: assembly part = topmost component in the tree). To do so, click the Group button in the editor header.

The component from which you create a new group is selected as the reference component. By default the name of the component is also the name of the group. However, you can change this immediately when creating the group or at a later time.

Add component to existing group

Click Group in the editor header. A list of already existing groups will be displayed. Click on a group to add the component. In the window that appears, specify the reason for the grouping. Optionally, you can add a comment or an attachment.

Rename group

Select the group and click the button Rename in the header of the group. You can also rename the group by double-clicking the group name.


Two groups can not have the same name, each group must have a unique name.


To remove a related component from a group, click Ungroup. The component is then returned to the state it had before the grouping. You can also ungroup a component directly in the group. To do this, either select the group or follow the link to the Group and click Ungroup.


To remove a reference component from a group, you first have to replace it since a group cannot exist without a reference.

Replace reference component

Follow the link to the Group or select the group directly and click Replace next to the reference component. You can then choose whether you want to remove the reference component from the group completely or keep it in the group as a related component. After that, select a component from the group as a new reference component.


If you want to change the reference component to a related component, you must enter a reason.

Delete group

Select the group and click the button Delete in the header of the group.


Note that when the group is deleted, all related components are reset to the state they had before the grouping. All test plans and information of the reference component are not transferred.

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