Getting Started with Component Release. This article explains the user interface of the app. You will find the introduction to the sampling process from a technical point of view here.

Start screen


After opening the app, you will find yourself in the Tasks section. Here you will find all the components that you are sampling for your client.


At the navigation bar at the top, you can switch to the Components area. This area only contains entries if you, as an OEM, have your own components sampled by your supply chain via

No data is displayed?:

Components cannot be imported manually. Please contact your client if a part you are supposed to sample is not displayed under Tasks.

Open process

You open a process either by double-clicking on the respective row or by clicking the Open button at the end of the row. The desired part will then be opened in the part editor.

The process can also be opened in a new browser tab by right-clicking the Open button.

Component Editor

The editor consists of 3 areas that you can adjust in width according to your needs. To do so, move the separator line to the desired position.

Component tree

All components of a part are located here. After you group components into sampling groups, they will also be displayed here.

Detail panel

All details of the component selected in the tree are displayed here. In the information section you will find forms that must be filled in for release. In the test plan section you will find all test standards that must be met.

3D Model / Test orders

Here you can see the 3D model of the component. With the mouse you can move (click and drag) or scale (scroll) the part.

In the same column you will find the tab test orders. Switch there to view a list of all existing test orders.

Exit editor

To exit the component editor and return to the list of sampling processes click Close in the top right corner of the navigation bar.

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