As a company administrator you can make various settings and changes in the company administration.

Edit identification

Open the Company data section in the navigation bar. On the right above your company data you will find the Edit button.

Fill in all fields in the opened sidebar and confirm with Save.

Edit registry options

To edit the registry options, click the Edit button above your registry settings on the right side of the same page.

Make the desired changes in the opened sidebar and confirm with Save.


Self-registration allows employees of your company to create a user account for themselves via the registration dialog. This option simplifies the user creation, because not all information has to be entered by you (in the role of the key user). Self-registration assigns the user to your company via his email address. After completing the self-registration, the respective user cannot yet access sensitive data. For this purpose, the key user subsequently assigns relevant user roles.

Location registration allows you to specify a location that has not yet been created in the course of self-registration.

Edit LIMS Portal Manager

Click the Edit button on the right in the LIMS Portal Manager section to edit the working group for the LIMS Portal Manager.

Select a new working group in the opened sidebar and confirm the change with Save.

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