Learn which steps are necessary for you to be able to work as a Tier 2-n supplier on the material.one platform.

Register your company

Open the material.one homepage and click on the button at the top right Login. This will open the login page for material.one. Here you have to click on Register new click, whereupon you will be redirected to the registration form. The first step will open automatically.


  1. The following information is required for registration:

    1. Address data and DUNS for the company headquarters and possibly the own location
      Click on the following link to find the DUNS for your company: UPIKĀ® - Unique Partner Identification Key

    2. Contact person at the head office

  2. Before you can request the verification code for your email address at the first step, you must agree to submit data and receive emails.
    To do this, place a tick in each of the check boxes provided for this purpose, which are located in the upper area of step 1.

Create working groups


Working groups are mandatory for the processing of components!

see Managing working groups | Create working group

Add users

Add the users to your company.

see Manage users | Create user

Assign apps for users


In order to be able to apply for individual apps, e.g. "component release", it is necessary to assign the corresponding roles (permissions) of the apps to the employee in advance.

You can also assign the "Admin" role to additional employees.

see Manage users | Enable/disable user roles

Assign users to a working group

Assign the users to a working group.

see Managing working groups | Edit working groups

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